Boston Hides & Furs Ltd.

A Processor in the hides and skins business for more than 25 years. Over the years we have earned global acclaim and recognition as a reliable supplier of Hides and skins from the northern United States area.
We remain at the forefront of the hide and skin industry, allowing us to fulfill the Need, Quality and Service to our clients.

Wet Blue Leather

Chrome tanned leather. Chrome tanning creates a blue colour in the leather and there is a natural safe resting stage just after tanning when the leather is both wet and blue. A significant stage in which leather is traded semi-processed worldwide
Our tannnery division with locations in Europe & South America will be able to provide you any products in WET BLUE.

High Quality Keeps us #1

Over the years the demand for meat has increased and correspondingly has the amount of raw hides that are available to the leather industry. Even so, the meat is still the key product of this industry, the raw hides turned into a trading product with a considerable potential. Along with the world wide accessibility of raw hides and skins, the types of leather produced in a particular area are often a matter of tradition and linked to the available hides and skins of domestic animals from this region.

Some of our Hide & Fur Products include