About Boston Hides & Furs

Boston Hides & Furs Ltd.

Gerry Andreottola commenced trading in 1969 as AGA selling calf Lamb and Skins to Italy, Boston Hides and Furs Ltd. was founded in 1982 and has expanded into a global company, marketing Hides, Kip skins, and calf skins from its headquarters in Boston, with offices also in South America and asia marketing Lamb skins, wool and wet blue calf and kip skins.

With its Diverse range of hides and skins, and its international knowledge Boston Hides and Furs Ltd. is always in a strong position to offer large quantities at competitive prices.

Boston Hides and Furs Ltd. is the leading supplier of premium calf and kip skins in the USA, we can provide you with an excess of 32 grading selections of calf and kip skins, making it possible for us to supply your exact requirements.

Our tannery division is able to supply these skins in wet blue as well.

Gerry Andreottola Founder


Angelo Andreottola CEO


Anthony Andreottola President